T H E   S O L U T I O N

 Utilizing the natural instincts of our highly trained working dogs, geese are moved with amazing efficiency without ever physically touching or harming the target species. Our prime objective is to eliminate existing geese from congregating on your property and reduce new birds from hatching to diminish the growth cycle. Nest control is a major proponant to this and must be managed carefully and skillfully under the necessary permits regulated within the Federal Migratory Birds laws and Canadian Wildlife Services.



 Nest control is the first key to the success of our program, as it immediately targets the underlying problem, the 'growth cycle'. The growth cycle occurs wherever geese congregate to nest, as goslings 'imprint' to that specific location, becoming permanent residents and raising their own brood within two years of reaching breeding maturity. Numbers of new birds being hatched into the area begin to compound quickly in a few short years, causing numbers of geese to dramatically increase.


M i n u s  the  k i l l i n g, of course! 

 The key to controlling the geese on your property lies in our ability to create the illusion of a predator inhabiting your property. Geese, by nature, are wary birds with an ingrained fear of predation. Our goose control field strategy keys in on this, utilizing our trained dogs to imitate a predator. This conditions the geese to believe that your property has become dangerous habitat and over
time birds choose to stay away completely. The solution includes our complete nest control system to eliminate any goslings being hatched to the area. We thoroughly and completely search nesting habitat for nests using the incredibly accurate and efficient noses of our trained
dogs. Upon finding nests, under permit through
Canadian Wildlife Services, eggs are sterilized eliminating any chance of incubation or reproduction. This proactive approach is a key in the overall solution and reduction of goose numbers.



Throughout our control program we continuously focus our efforts on the existing adult population,persistantly watching for them and stalking after them. We are relentless in our pursuit, and exhaustive persistance always
pays off.

Our proven program and

field strategies will give you

your property back and

keep your manicured

grounds clean and free

of nuisance geese


This program is designed as a total solution to both reduce numbers through nest control and aggressively condition any and all adult geese inhabiting your property to stay away. This approach causes the geese to develop a 'negative imprint' towards your property. It requires extensive effort, particularly during the first and second year as we take the time necessary to establish ourselves and create the illusion of regular and permanent predators.
Our program is always carried out in a careful and low key manner with extreme attention devoted to safety and attention
to detail. Our dogs have become famous for their ability to successfully work geese in a safe and proficient manner. They
are highly trained and respond with excellence to obedience in the field. Our services include unlimited numbers of
property visits to monitor and effectively and completely control any and all geese from congregating on your grounds.

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