AdventureK9 is a privately run, well established and highly successful goose control company. Beginning in 1999, we have been in operation 13 years. In that time we have developed a business with an incredible reputation for success, high standard of operation, and phenominal dogs.
Our purpose, since day one, has been aimed at guaranteeing success in the field. Over the years, we have developed a program that works extremely well. This has gained us both a level of popularity within our sphere of industry and forged strong ties with our clientelle




"We tried everything to rid our club of the nuisance geese, whose aggressive feeding and unsightly defication caused big headaches for members and staff alike. We contacted Jordan from AdventureK9 and our problems have been solved with truly amazing results!"

David Kuypers, Director of Golf Course and Grounds

Cutten Club Golf Course


"Emmersed in prime river habitat that attracts and holds a multitude of waterfowl we coped with the destructive habits of the Canada geese on our course. AdventureK9 Goose Control has completely solved our massive problems with the geese. Jordan and his dogs and bag of tricks has saved us!"

Mark Piccolo

Course SuperIntendant, Galt Country Club


"With our course steeped in river habitat and several large bodies of water within play we were dealing with growing numbers of Canada geese each year. Turning the problem over to AdventureK9 was the best move we ever made, as numbers dropped dramatically and the situation is managed with incredible efficiency."

Jason Winter

Course SuperIntendant, Deer Ridge Golf Club


"The Village by the Arboretum prides itself on beautifully appointed homes, state of the art architecture, and immaculate gardens and landscaping. AdventureK9 Goose Control keeps it that way, solving our massive goose problem and maintaining a completely goose free property!"

Lynn Vannatter

Administrator, VBA


"AdventureK9 Goose Control Services has a long history of providing the University with very humane yet very effective control of nuisance Canada geese. Our campus sports fields and walkways are clean and our students, faculty and staff are safe from aggressive geese during the nesting season."

John Reinhart

Director of Grounds, U of G


"We take great pride in our business and pride in our landscaped grounds. Over several years we watched the numbers of Canada geese grow to alarming levels and the point at which their numbers were destroying our property. AdventureK9 has completely solved that problem."

Fred Geimer

Head of Operations, Conestogo Electric, Inc

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